Call for Papers (Download the Flyer)


2025 6th International Conference on Education Development and Studies (ICEDS 2025)  As we navigate the digital age, education stands at the forefront of transformation. The International Conference on Education invites researchers, educators, and practitioners to submit original contributions addressing diverse aspects of "Digital Transformation in Education: Empowering Learning Through Technology." We welcome papers that explore innovative approaches, integration of technology, and strategies for fostering inclusivity in education. Submissions may focus on, but are not limited to, the following themes:


E-Learning and Virtual Innovations

Online laboratories and classrooms
Virtual universities
Pedagogy and methodology of education
Assessment in E-Learning
Content Development
Design and Development of Online Courses
Gamification of Learning
Effective Learning Strategies
E-Learning Software Architecture
E-Learning Security
E-Teacher Skills and Competences
Infrastructure of E-Learning Environments
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Learning Networks
Learning Objects
Mobile Learning Technology
Motivation and E-Learning
Online Learning Performance and Behaviour
Personalised E-Learning
Quality Assurance in E-Learning

Learning / Teaching Methodologies and Assessment

Assessment Software Tools
Assessment Methods in Blended Learning Environments
Assessment of Education
Blended Learning
Computer-Aided Assessment
Development of Learning Theory
E-Testing and New Test Theories
Educating the Educators
Experiential Methodologies and Techniques
Games and Experiential Learning
Immersive Learning
Innovative and Effective Teaching Methods
Metrics and Performance Measurement
Pedagogy Enhancement with E-Learning
Simulated Communities and Online Mentoring
Supervising and Managing Student Projects
Technology-Enabled Assessment
Theory, Design and Research


Innovative Pedagogies

Blended Learning Models
Inquiry-Based Teaching Approaches
Flipped Classroom Strategies
Project-Based and Experiential Learning
Digital Rights Management
E-content Management and Development



Assessment and Evaluation in the Digital Context

E-Assessment Tools and Techniques
Data Analytics for Educational Assessment
Authentic Assessment in Online Environments
Gamified Assessment Methods


Technology Integration in Education

Artificial Intelligence in Education
Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications
Mobile Learning and Apps in Education
Internet of Things (IoT) in Educational Settings



Innovative Pedagogies for the Digital Classroom 

Application of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in Education 

Gamification in Education

Adaptive Learning Systems 

AI-Assisted Teaching 

Data-Driven Teaching Decisions 

Role of Social Media and Online Communities in Learning 

Cultivating Digital Literacy 

Innovative Assessment Methods 

Sustainability and EdTech