Call for Papers (Download the CFP Flyer)

2022 3rd International Conference on Education Development and Studies (ICEDS 2022) is to bring together tertiary educators, researchers and students, primary and secondary school teachers, education administrators and policy makers from all over the global to discuss theoretical, technological, practical, pedagogical, social, cultural, and studies issues in all relevant areas of education development and studies in the digital age. It is a timely interdisciplinary forum for all participates to share and/or appreciate the recent innovations, trends, challenges, and possible solutions in education development and studies. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:



E-Learning and Virtual Innovations

E-learning: projects and results

E-learning: pedagogical strategies and tactics

Developing e-learning methods for specific fields

Online laboratories and classrooms

Virtual universities

Electronic library: information and search technologies

Pedagogy and methodology of education

Curriculum, Research and Development

Acoustics in Education Environment


Counsellor Education

Courses, Tutorials and Labs

Special Needs Education

Inclusive Education and Practices

Social and Cultural Inclusion

Mental Health

Curriculum Design

Course Management

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Academic Experiences

Digital Libraries and Repositories

Evaluation and Assessment

Digital Rights Management

Student Selection Criteria in Interdisciplinary Studies

Knowledge Management

Grading Methods

E-content Management and Development

Research Management

Research Methodologies

Academic Research Projects

Research on Technology in Education

Links between Education and Research

New Challenges in Education

Students and Teaching staff Exchange programmes

Global Issues In Education and Research

Education, Research and Globalization

Barriers to Learning (ethnicity, age,…)

Women and Minorities in Science and Technology

Increasing Affordability and Access to the Internet

Ethical issues in Education

Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism

Research In Progress

Ongoing research from undergraduates, graduates/postgraduates and professionals Projects

Collaborative Research

Integration of cross-cultural studies in curriculum

Research Assessment Exercise

New Trends And Experiences